Expand democracy and reduce the power of special interests in Austin. Vote for Democracy Dollars and Prop H this May!

Everyone’s voice in Austin should be heard, not just those of the  powerful. Opportunities, such as Prop. H, to expand democracy are rare.

The Problem: Special Interests Dominate. Mayor and City Council candidates’ contributions are dominated by special interests and outside wealthy donors, rather than the district’s voters. 81% of candidate contributions in Austin come from donations of $200 or greater; donations in small amounts are comparatively insignificant.

The Solution: Democracy Dollars (Prop. H). Every registered voter receives two $25 Democracy Dollar vouchers, which they may give to a mayoral candidate and a council candidate in their district of their choosing. Proposition H is based on a popular and successful municipal program that empowers voters and decreases the influence of special interests. It's YOUR money to contribute to the candidate who best represents YOU.

We can expand democracy in Austin! Vote for Prop H!

Right now, most Austin city council campaigns are dominated by large contributions and special interests.

Democracy Dollars will increase the number and diversity of donors, and grow the participation and power of voters like you.

Why Democracy Dollars Make Sense:
Independent research has shown Democracy Dollars programs work.


Democracy Dollars will provide all registered voters two $25 vouchers –
one for the mayoral election and one for their council district election,
which voters can then donate to qualifying candidates of their choice.